Reasons to Ditch your High-Heeled Shoes

Let's face it. Not all of us are Rihanna, who can walk over a subway grate while wearing stilettos! When teetering on towering high heels in a crowd or on a slick surface, your balance is less than stable. You can easily take a tumble and twist your ankle or sprain it. Dr. Alexis Dixon, orthopedic surgeon at DISC Sports & Spine Center, says, "Falls aren't uncommon. Ankle sprains can be mild and improve with physical therapy, but severe sprains can lead to chronic instability and require surgery. Ankle fractures, likewise, can occur via the same mechanism, and sometimes require surgery." Yikes! Still thinking about all heels all of the time? Dr. Dixon also pointed out that, "Even in the best case scenario, it's hard to feel cute in a walking boot or cast after an injury." #Truth.

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