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Make an informed decision about your treatment plan

With infinite options for providers and treatments, it’s confusing to know what’s best for you.

We want you to feel confident in your diagnosis and treatment plan. That’s why we get to know your needs and provide in-depth educational materials on your options. We’ll walk you through every detail of your procedure or surgery. You can bring your team, too; we believe including family and loved ones in the process only further benefits your comfort and well-being.

Many of our patients come to us for a second opinion because our highly specialized physicians offer both established and innovative treatments. With a focus on minimally invasive and holistic options, you may discover new paths to improved mobility and functionality. Our goal is to get you pain-free and fully functional with the most minimally invasive procedure possible. Often, this yields better results.

Successful OUTCOMES

Improve your recovery and results

Our highly integrated approach customizes your treatment across disciplines, thus providing you the most efficient continuity of care. You’ll receive expert guidance throughout the process, from exploring options to treatment and recovery.

Using a high-tech, integrated approach combined with advanced medicine, we work to eliminate the underlying causes of your pain. Our treatment options include a strong focus on minimally and non-invasive techniques to improve your mobility and functionality with less downtime.

Ultimately, our goal is to get you back to living your life in the most effective, efficient, and stress-free way possible.

Our Reputation

World-renowned physicians, specialists, and trusted partners

Every DISC physician is hand-selected for being a pioneer in their respective speciality. It’s what makes our team the leading care provider for sports injuries, orthopedic issues, and spine disorders.

We work with a range of patients who want to get back to their normal life. Putting patients first, no matter their needs, is what keeps our patient satisfaction so high.

0 %

Surgical MRSA Infection Rate (Newport Beach ASC)

16 +

Years since founding

7500 +

Procedures performed

98 %

Positive patient satisfaction rating

Robbie Maddison- DISC Testimonial-News-254x189 copy-1

“This is the best medical experience I have ever had! The team at DISC are the best in the world.”

Robbie Maddison Motocross Freestyle, Red Bull Athlete
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“I'm back probably at 90% within 3 months of my surgery. It's unimaginable for me.”

Kelley Gast Small Business Owner
jennifer-grey copy

“I have so much confidence in DISC that I wish they could take care of all my medical needs. DISC restored to me a life I didn’t even know I was missing for 23 years.”

Jennifer Grey Actress
Jason copy

“I wouldn't call anyone else but Dr. Kim.”

Jason Britton Stuntman
ruby_rose_still copy-1

"Thank you Dr. Bray for everything you did and for allowing me to keep working and doing what I love.”

Ruby Rose Actress


More affordable than you may realize

Will in-network insurance cover costs? What about out-of-network? How much will out-of-pocket expenses add up to?

You want to know what your treatment will cost. We’re committed to financial transparency from the beginning so there are no surprises along the way. We’ll go over all the costs associated with your treatment plan options so you can make an informed decision. Our outpatient surgery centers are in-network with most major providers. Most doctors are in-network, too.

Though we serve our local communities, we also have patients who come from across the country. Talk with us about how we can work with you to make the time and travel commitment as easy as possible.

DISC works with the following health care providers and more:


A proven track record across 7,500+ procedures

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Compare our 0 MRSA spine surgery infections to the 5 to 10% hospital infection rate.

By implementing strict protocols and using the most advanced imaging, patient monitoring, and surgical equipment, we reduce post-operative infections. Plus, our minimally invasive approach means our physicians perform surgery with smaller incisions and less disruption to your surrounding tissues and muscles.

At DISC, you have access to a range of experts across disciplines, personal nursing care, and post-treatment services. It’s this holistic approach that gets you back to living your best life as quickly as possible.