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The best way to learn about the DISC difference is from the patients who have experienced it firsthand. As doctors, there is no greater joy than seeing the success of our patients and knowing we played a role in their healthcare journey. Check out some of their stories below.
"There was really not a lot to be worried about because everything was so well taken care of."


Business Owner

"Destroyed my shoulder this year and this is how I'm going to get it fixed... these guys are awesome..."

Robbie Maddison

Red Bull Athlete

"He talks to you, he explains to you... It was a really great 

Mike Murphy

Professional Water Skier

"Within two months of my surgery, I was back on my bicycle... I was back to about 90% within 3 months after my surgery"

Kelley Gast

Business Owner

After a thorough examination, Dr. Bray discovered that Ruby had two discs that were badly ruptured and were compressing her spinal cord.

Ruby Rose

Actress and Model

"I wouldn't call anyone else but Dr. Kim"

Jason Britton

World Famous Motorcycle Stuntman

"It makes me feel a little more complete."

Scott Lane

DISC Patient

“Immediately, the pain was gone right away when I woke up from the surgery. It was pretty remarkable.”


Susy Vishmid

Professional Ballet Dancer

“This was by far the easiest surgery I’ve had in my entire career. Ever since then, I do all the activities I used to do without having to worry about hurting my spine.”

Britta Llewellyn

Former Professional Skier

"Dr. Bray had this incredible demeanor. I believed him and never saw another doctor. I went in, got fused, and went home the next morning. When I came out of the surgery I just felt better, I was happier immediately. I thought neck surgery meant you were in bed in horrible pain for months and months, I couldn't believe all these years I had been living with pain and didn't realize there was alternatives. I am just grateful, I am grateful all the time."

Jennifer Grey

Actress, Dirty Dancing

"I was suffering from pain for over 15 years and was told that I had to sell my ranch and that I would never walk again until I met Dr. Bray. I can't tell you how grateful we are to have our eyes open that this center exists"

Ray Arris

Starbright Riding Academy

"The recovery was amazing, I was up and pretty mobile within a few days. I was a completely new person. I was surprised how easy the recovery was and actually never took pain med...ever!"

Lynn Andrews

"I've suffered with my back from over 15 years, steadily over the years it grew worse. By the time I got to Dr. Bray I couldn't walk more than a couple hundred feet without pain or numbness. A couple hours after surgery they had me stand up and it was such an amazing difference I actually don't have words for it. The best experience I've ever had medically. Even to this day, I celebrate when I stand up. I use a personal trainer and he is absolutely amazed where I am now. My only regret is not getting to DISC sooner."

Donald Berry

Redlands, CA

"Ten days after being out of the hospital, I started getting back into the gym. If it wasn’t for Dr. Bray and my trainer, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am right now."

Brock Crouch

Professional Red Bull Athlete

“My recovery has been pretty seamless. I’m thinking I’m going to be stronger than ever coming into this year.”

Johnny Collinson

Professional Red Bull Athlete

Chris copy
“After being told by other physicians to stop working because of my back pain, I went to see DISC. Now 10 years post-op from microsurgery, with no pain, I’m still a proud firefighter.”

Chris Thomason


“This is the best medical experience I have ever had! The Team at DISC are the best in
the world.”

Robbie Maddison

MotoX Freestyle

“An amazing place and am amazing experience thus far. I am so happy I made the switch to DISC.”


“I felt very safe and cared for.  The staff was very knowledgeable and kind.  I’ve never had an IV started so easily!”


“@danny_macaskill16 on twitter: Massive thanks to Dr. Bray and all the staff at DISC for sorting me out. I have never had treatment like it!”

Danny Macaskill

BMX Trials

“In a time of great turmoil and uncertainty in health care in our country, DISC has figured it out.  Their care and attention to detail are second to none.”


“I was very very pleased with everyone that took care of me and the doctors that did the surgery.  Dr. Kim and Vicki were outstanding.”


“By choosing DISC, I expected good quality medical care, but even then, my experience far surpassed my expectations.  What I received was absolute platinum care by the trained professionals and kind real people.”


“My care at DISC was absolutely top of the line.  All the nurses and staff were very attentive to every detail of my stay and recovery.”