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DISC Featured in Becker’s Spine Review and Orthopedics This Week

In the past few weeks, DISC has been featured repeatedly in Becker’s Spine Review and Orthopedics This Week. Since these are both top medical publications, DISC is excited to share these articles:

  • The Future of IT in Spine – Machine Learning, Virtual Reality & More: Dr. Grand Shifflett noted: "Artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality offer great promise but still need refinement for widespread adoption. Advances to make these tools more user-friendly and cost-effective will spur a new era of surgical advances and improvements in quality of care." Read the article here.
  • 6 Spine Surgeons on the Biggest Obstacle They Face Going Forward: Dr. Shifflett was again included in Becker's Spine, stating how, "Insurance companies are the biggest obstacle facing spine providers today." Read the rest of his quote here.
  • One of the Most Vital OR Doctors Likely Won't Say a Word: Dr. Barrows chatted with Orthopedics This Week about how, "The surgeon shouldn't have to think about his or her patients' anesthesia. Usually, this involves leaving our ego at the door." Read the full article here.
  • Living Progenitor Cells Edge Closer to "Cure All" Status: Dr. Bulczynski expressed in Orthopedics This Week that he, "...is a believer in PRP and BMAC for his patients and has found that injections fo the cells are much more effective for long-term treatment for certain ailments that were previously limited to analgesic or steroid injections. Read the full story here.
  • Awake Spine Surgeries, Robotics & More: 6 Surgeons Look One Year Ahead: Dr. Neel Shah discussed, "The spine field is ever-evolving. Some emerging technologies include artificial intelligence and robotic surgery as well as the push towards motion restoration and preservation over fusion. These innovations that have been evolving over the last decade seem to be coming to fruition and are accepted and widely used." Also in the article, Dr. Richard Kim noted, "Right now, patients are still wary of getting medical care, especially surgery. I think this heightened threshold for surgery will continue for some time." Read their full quotes here.
  • ASCA Members Host Virtual Facility Tours: DISC was featured in the ASCA Magazine: "In mid-September, Karen Reiter, chief executive officer (CEO) of DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach in Newport Beach, California, led a virtual tour of her ASC for the health policy team members of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)."

DISC continues informing the public about spine and orthopedic treatment via various journals and publications. Stay tuned for more DISC appearances in the media.

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discmdgroup DISC Sports and Spine Center (DISC) is one of America’s foremost providers of minimally invasive spine procedures and advanced arthroscopic techniques. Our individually picked, highly specialized physicians apply both established and innovative solutions to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate their patients in a one-stop, multi-disciplinary setting. With a wide range of specialists under one roof, the result is an unmatched continuity of care with more efficiency, less stress for the patient, and a zero MRSA infection rate. Read more articles by discmdgroup.

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