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Give Poolside Injuries The Slip

When it comes to swimming during the summer, the greatest concern shared by most citizens is that of drowning.  There are many precautions that can be taken to avoid this type of tragedy, including lending supervision to a pool at all times and teaching your children how to swim at an early age.

But there’s another serious hazard out there that needs to be understood, and that’s the risk of neck, spine, and orthopedic injuries.  Considering how slick the surfaces can get in and around the pool, these injuries become a common hazard throughout the summer months.  In their excitement, a child or even an adult might run too quickly on a wet surface near the pool.  Or, they may dive in without taking the time to gauge just how deep the water is.  Either of these things can create serious injuries.

A new article highlights the ways to avoid all sorts of danger near the pool this year, and the latter section of that article offers some insightful ways to keep one of the aforementioned types of injuries from taking place.

Make sure that neither you nor your kids are diving into any water unless you can verify beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ground isn’t closer to the surface than expected.  Make sure that your kids know to take their time on slick surfaces, and always verify that you have a means of calling for help should an injury take place despite all precautions.


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