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Intense Youth Sports Regimens Can Breed Overuse Injuries

Too many students are being pushed to play sports like they’re professionals.  Unfortunately, because their bodies are not fully developed, they’re going to put themselves at risk for serious injuries if they’re not careful.  Some children no longer even really get an offseason; instead, they’re encouraged to play one sport all throughout the year, never getting the chance to recuperate.

This is a mistake.  While every child should be encouraged to be active, that activity has to occur in moderation.  Otherwise, student athletes risk overuse injuries that requires months of rehabilitation.  A recent report out of Evanston, Illinois finds a doctor providing some tips aimed at helping parents help their kids avoid specialization and in turn overuse, and if your kids are feeling pressure to compete, you might keep these in mind.

If your child’s coach insists on practicing seven days a week and putting together workout regimens that take them through the entire year, insist that they not be so close-minded.  At a young age, children should be in sports for the enjoyment of the activity.  If a child starts to burn out, that serves no one.  Work with a coach to determine an acceptable workout and practice regimen.

Also make sure that your kids have opportunities to try a wide variety of different sports.  In this way, they’ll get all muscle sets involved rather than just exercising those portions of their frame that get taxed during one particular activity.


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