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Make Exercise A Family Habit

If parents are active, then it stands to reason that their children are going to be active.  On the other end of the spectrum, if parents don’t make it a point to get much physical activity, their children are probably going to follow their lead in that regard as well.

With that in mind, it’s important that parents set a good example for their children and really get active about being active.  The more you encourage your children to get outside, ride their bikes, run around, and play sports, the more likely they’ll be to continue that healthy attitude late into life.  In doing, you and they will both be able to avoid some of the injuries and health woes that might otherwise result from inactivity.

A new report details some of the ways that an entire family can go about making good health a cornerstone of life, and you’ll want to keep these things in mind to protect yourself and your kids for years to come.

It’s one thing to simply direct your kids to play outside while you’re sitting in front of the television or the computer, but quite another to actually go outside with them.  What’s more, if your children see you going for regular runs and getting exercise in on a regular basis, they’ll be more inclined to engage in that too.  Conduct your own workouts, and then figure out a way to get your children involved in exercise too.  Maybe your local gym has some sort of activity set up for young ones.  The whole family can go to the gym, and after the 45 minutes or hour of each activity is up, everyone can go to the pool to cool down.

It doesn’t take a gym, though, or even a concerted exercise regimen with a physical trainer to get children more active.  Go outside and play games with your kids.  Introduce them to the things that you used to do when you were young.  Show them the basics of soccer, baseball, football, gymnastics, whatever.  Also be sure to let them dictate the shape of things sometimes.  Let their imaginations run wild to come up with games of their own creation.  If these involve running around, you and your kids will both benefit.

This may grow more difficult as your children age, but it will nevertheless be important.  Most every kid will enter that rebellious teenage phase at some point, and you have to adapt when that happens.  Listen to them and figure out what sorts of activities they like, and encourage their participation at school and in clubs.

In these ways and more, you can promote a healthy lifestyle to every member of your family.  Follow the link above for more tips.


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