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Meet The Doctor Series: Meet Dr. Melikian

As an award-winning, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon at DISC Sports & Spine Center, Dr. Rojeh Melikian always tries to establish a unique connection with every patient. He states, “I think what allows me to connect with patients is to understand that most of us have more similarities than differences.”

What do you have in common with Dr. Melikian? Read on to learn to learn more about one of DISC’s beloved doctors.

What is your favorite hobby or activity?

Dr. Melikian: Probably my favorite hobby is playing at the park with my kids. I have a 3-year-old and two 11-month-olds. I also enjoy any outdoorsy kind of thing—I really like skiing.


What is an interesting fact about you that no one else knows?

Dr. Melikian: I was at Massachusetts General Hospital when the Boston Marathon bombings happened. I had the privilege of taking care of a lot of those patients on the trauma service. That’s maybe my one claim to fame.


Why did you choose to go into medicine?

Dr. Melikian: My father is a physician and still practicing. His work exposed me to medicine at a young age, so it was always something I was thinking about. When I got to my undergraduate studies, I started doing research into spine injuries, and I’ve just been interested in spine surgery ever since. 


What is your philosophy for treating patients?

Dr. Melikian: What I usually tell them is that I treat them like family. I think, “What would I do if this was someone in my family?” I really like working with each patient—finding out what brought them into the office and what their goals are in terms of seeking treatment. Then we work together to find a way for them to return to the activities that they want to do. 


What is the top health tip that you tell all your patients?

Dr. Melikian: Stay mentally and physically active. Those of us who stop challenging ourselves both physically and mentally tend to decline in both aspects. Always try finding hobbies, jobs, or whatever will keep you engaged both mentally and physically, and you’ll get good longevity in both areas. 

Graduating with the highest honors, Dr. Melikian received his bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from UCLA and completed medical school at the University of Southern California. He then traveled to the east coast to attend Harvard’s Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program and Emory University’s Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Spine Surgery Fellowship, one of the most prominent spine surgery fellowships in the nation. 

After completing his education, Dr. Melikian returned to southern California to join the team at DISC. He enjoys practicing in the area where he grew up and working with an active, pleasant clientele. He finds it extremely gratifying when he can locate a patient’s source of pain and correct it in the operating room, allowing the patient to wake up and immediately feel better. When working with a patient population that wants to keep moving and continue enjoying their sport of choice, Dr. Melikian believes spine surgery “is a good field for restoring people’s lifestyles.”

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Rojeh Melikian, M.D.

About the author

Rojeh Melikian, M.D. Dr. Rojeh Melikian is a Harvard and Emory University-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon. He was subsequently accepted into the prestigious Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program, where he excelled and was appointed as Chief Resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He received extensive training in complex spinal surgery, scoliosis, as well as primary and metastatic spine tumors. Upon graduation, Dr. Melikian was awarded the prestigious Harvard Orthopaedic Surgery Thesis Day Award for best clinical presentation for his work on spinal infections. Dr. Melikian has authored numerous presentations, posters and journal articles on spine surgery. Read more articles by Rojeh Melikian, M.D..

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