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Patient Story: Coco Zurita Receives Meniscus Surgery after X Games Stunt Injury

For professional Red Bull athlete Coco Zurita, high-flying stunts in the saddle of his bike are a part of his everyday routine. Pushing the limits in riding has made this BMX athlete one of the top BMX vert and mega ramp riders on the planet. Most notably recognized as the first rider to land a triple tailwhip, Zurita has competed in and won a variety of competitions across the globe. 

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Originally from Chile, this free-spirited now-Californian spends most of his time practicing at the local skatepark. As an athlete, it is imperative that his body is in the best shape possible so that he can, in his words, “rock and roll, baby.” During a recent X Games competition, Zurita attempted a triple whip from the top of a half-pipe of a 14-foot ramp and landed heavily on his knee. His fall during the competition caused complications in his knee that led him to seek out the help of the team at DISC Sports & Spine Center. 


Upon review of his knee, Dr. Bulczynski advised Zurita that with no ACL, a torn meniscus, and multiple bone chips from the impact, he would need surgery as soon as possible to help return him to riding. Dr. Bulczynski and the DISC team removed cartilage and loose bodies irritating his knee and worked to repair the structure of his knee. 

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Thanks for the Support ❤️🙏🏼. So after reviewing my (MRI & XRays) Dr. Bulczynski said, my ACL is gone, Meniscus is torn and I have some bone chips from the impact. I need surgery soon as possible. I am happy to work with the best team, and looking forward to be back in my bike 😄 soon 🤟🏼. Every fall we take helps us build our carácter and appreciation, where there is sacrifice there will always be appreciation, is a time where we can re-evaluate our dreams goals and direction. Is a nice break from the fast paced life, is a time to question and plan the next move on and off the bike 🚲. Mind and spirit is in amazing shape, now i am Exited to start my body recovery in a few days. I feel blessed and know that God has a purpose and control! 🙌🏼. . Gracias por el apoyo a todos ❤️🤟🏼. Después de revisar exámenes el Dr dijo que necesito Cirugía, tengo cortado ligamento, roto menisco y pedazos de hueso flotando debido al impacto. Estoy feliz de tener al mejor team de profesionales a mi lado para regresar a las pistas pronto. Estas caídas nos ayudan a formar carácter y aun más pasión por lo que uno hace, donde existe sacrificio hay apreciación, este es un tiempo de calma, de Re-evaluar las metas, sueños y la dirección en la que uno se dirige. Listo para partir recuperación en un par de días. Bendecido y se que dios tiene el control

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In a recent Instagram post, Zurita thanked the DISC Sports & Spine Center team for their “tremendous” help in his recovery. Visit our patient stories page to learn more about how DISC Sports & Spine Center helps athletes like Zurita return to a life they love. If you’re interested in speaking to a member of our team about how DISC can help you, contact us today

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