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Patient Story: Jimmy Spithill

When Jimmy Spithill, Australian sailor, tore a tendon in his elbow in a freak accident during training, he knew he was out of the race. It was, in his words, “really disappointing.”

For athletes, it’s hard to be sidelined by injuries. In a recent interview with one of DISC Sports & Spine Center’s doctors, we asked, “Do you find that it's easier or harder to convince an athlete to have surgery versus taking a rest period to heal?” The answer: “Athletes are impatient. Whatever gets them back to health faster is what they decide to do.”

Jimmy knows this all too well. As an active racer in America’s Cup, he could have pushed through the next race and risked further injury. Instead, once he flew to Newport Beach to consult with Drs. Bray and Bulczynski, he knew the right choice was to get the surgery done. It would get him back on the boat faster and would put him at less risk for complications down the line.

DISC doctors understand the demands of an athlete’s training schedule. They strive to work with them to make the right decision, juggling the need to get back on the field - or the water - with the long-term health and strength of the injured area. When athletes choose surgery, DISC doctors’ minimally invasive  procedures result in fewer complications and a faster recovery.

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