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Protect Student Athletes As They Head Back To School

It might seem like school just got out, but before you know it, your kids will be headed back to class.  That also means that student athletes are going to get back into the habit of engaging in regular physical activity.

As a parent, it will be put to you to ensure that your children are exercising in a manner that won’t put them in harm’s way.  Oftentimes, this may require you to speak with a coach if you’re worried that your student is being pushed too hard or not being allowed to get the necessary rest, which can actually be just as important as conditioning.

A new article finds the American Academy of Pediatrics offering some tips to parents who are preparing to send kids back to school to engage in youth sports.  By taking these relatively straightforward precautions, you should be able to help your kids enjoy activities from the field of play rather than from the stands.

As we already hinted up above, one of the most important steps is simply making sure that a child isn’t being pushed past their breaking point.  With a heightened level of competition in some areas, a student may feel like they have to ignore pain and press through an intense workout or else the coach will come down hard on them.

This is unacceptable.  Children should be able to enjoy their sport of choice rather than become exhausted to the point where they’re miserable.  Pay close attention to the workout regimen your child is being asked to take part in, and be willing to step in if you feel that things are becoming unreasonable.  If a child is asked to take part in two intensive practices per day, for instance, that might be too much.

You can also help your kids out by making sure that their fall sport of choice isn’t identical to what they do the rest of the year.  Asking a child to specialize too early can be harmful, as he or she is still developing.  They’re basically engaging in certain motions too much while neglecting other parts of the body.  Avoiding early specialization can restore balance.

ACL injuries are something else that should be avoided at all costs, especially among teen girls, who are more susceptible to this type of damage.  A coach should have a distinct understanding of the proper mechanics within a given activity so that they can instruct students on those techniques.  There are ways to land and turn that won’t place excessive force on a student’s ACL, thus minimizing the risk of an injury.

For more tips, including on how to avoid a serious concussion, click the link up above.


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