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Reminders That People At Every Fitness Level Should Know

A new article finds a personal trainer highlighting some of the pieces of fitness advice she wishes she would have been able to act on earlier in life.  No matter what age you are, you could benefit from remembering the information the next time you exercise.

One thing that persons who get invested in working out regularly need to remember is that the off days are just as important as the on days.  That means that, while you should be encouraged to push yourself to reach new goals, the day after an intensive workout should find you taking things easy and allowing your body to rest.  In that way, you can keep yourself from succumbing to the types of overuse injuries that will have you resting a lot longer than you originally expected.

It’s also important to realize that it’s okay to stay within your boundaries.  If you’re just starting to exercise, don’t be disappointed if you can’t run five miles right away.  Pushing oneself too hard leads to burnout, but you can protect yourself by starting things off slowly and then just as slowly increasing the intensity.

Finally, remember that no workout should be any one thing.  You could be adamant about jogging on a regular basis, but you allow yourself to get more out of that exercise if you supplement it with some strength training.

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