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A Sandy Beach Poses Challenges To Running

One of the blessings of living in and around Los Angeles is that you’re never far away from a beach.  If you choose this setting to conduct a workout, however, you have to take a few more precautions that you don’t necessarily have to worry about in other environments.

The biggest changes will affect those persons who opt to run on the beach, as the mechanics of movement have to be altered to accommodate the challenge posed by a person’s feet sinking into the sand and then lifting all that sand up repeatedly.  Thankfully, a new article offers some tips on how to make things easier on yourself in such a situation.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you’re probably going to get winded more quickly than you will when you run on a track.  The added pressure placed on your feet is going to take its toll, so rather than push yourself to keep up with your normal pace, go easy on your body.  Be okay with not reaching the plateaus you’re accustomed to, and rest up in between workouts if you find that your legs and body are excessively sore in the wake of your first few beach runs.

Stretching also becomes more important in this setting.  Again, your legs are going to be heavily taxed in the sand, and by stretching, you can ward off some of the damage that might otherwise result.


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