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What Happens When Bones Are Stressed?

By Dr. Joseph Horrigan | Huffington Post  | View Full Article

One of the biggest stories during March Madness was University of Louisville’s Kevin Ware and his graphic leg injury on live TV.  Ware’s leg bone snapped on the basketball court during the game, horrifying people around the world.  Dr. Joseph Horrigan’s first blog entry for the Huffington Post Healthy Living section delves into the reasons why such a serious bone injury can happen in a young, elite athlete and explains exactly what happens inside the bone when under physical stress.  Bone is a dynamic and living formation, and when it’s constantly put under pressure from running, jumping, landing or changing directions, the cells in our bones begin to break down and after some time, stress fractures can eventually appear.  Over time, these stress fractures weaken the bone and can cause grim injuries like Ware’s.

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