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5 Myths About Spine Surgery

When faced with the prospect of spine surgery, it's natural to feel apprehensive and uncertain. Misconceptions and myths can often cloud our judgment, influencing our decisions and potentially deterring us from seeking the care we truly need. We’re debunking five common myths about spine surgery to give you the clarity and insight necessary to make informed decisions about your health.

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1. "I'll be debilitated for the rest of my life."

Every DISC physician is a pioneer in their respective speciality, which is what makes our team the leading care provider for sports injuries, orthopedic issues, and spine disorders. We work with a range of patients who want to get back to their normal life — from professional athletes who want to get back to their sport, to patients who want to get back to walks around their neighborhood and weekly pickleball games with friends pain-free. Putting patients first is what keeps our patient satisfaction so high.


2. "Spine surgeries have to be done in a hospital and can't be done in the outpatient setting."

Sometimes patients feel that having surgery in a surgery center will somehow reduce the amount or the level of care that they will receive, but at DISC Sports & Spine, the opposite is true. In addition to our top-of-the-line equipment, the amount of care and management that is delivered to the patient is actually more than a patient would receive in a large hospital system, whether they’re at DISC for 8 hours or 23 hours. Our dedicated staff is ready and willing to help lead the patient through their entire process from admission to surgery — and especially their recovery — to ensure that the patient is ready and able to go home in a pain-free manner.


3. "I'll be bedridden for weeks after spine surgery."

Thanks to DISC’s minimally-invasive methods, patients are up and walking within a couple hours after surgery. Our treatment options include a strong focus on minimally and non-invasive techniques to improve your mobility and functionality with less downtime. Ultimately, our goal is to get you back to living your life in the most effective, efficient, and pain-free way possible.


4. "I could get a dangerous infection during surgery."

DISC boasts a 0% Surgical MRSA Infection Rate, even after more than 7,500 procedures have been performed. We have a proven track record that we’re proud of, especially compared to the 5-10% hospital infection rate. By implementing strict protocols and using the most advanced imaging, patient monitoring, and surgical equipment, we reduce postoperative infections. Plus, our minimally invasive approach means our physicians perform surgery with smaller incisions and less disruption to your surrounding tissues and muscles.


5. "Artificial disc replacements are always better than spinal fusions."

While artificial disc replacements are usually more advantageous and are a great method to treat many spine disorders, there are many pathological conditions that are best treated and addressed with a spinal fusion. It’s important to keep both options on the table and to discuss with your surgeon what the best treatment option is for your specific health condition, because blanket solutions are never the correct approach. Spine specialists should take a patient-by-patient approach to determine which treatment path is best given the particular patient's age, ailment, and more. 

Undergoing spine surgery is an important decision to make, and it can be difficult to sort through all of the myths and misinformation while doing research into surgeons and procedures. The first step to figuring out if spine surgery is right for you is to schedule a consultation — our specialists at DISC Sports & Spine are ready and willing to help you weed through your options and decide the care path that’s right for you.

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