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CDC App Strives To Aid Parents In Battle Against Concussions

Although school may be out for the moment, the fact that football will be right around the corner this fall means that parents can never let their vigilance wane when it comes to concussions.  Any child who has suffered a concussion needs to receive the proper attention rather than just be put back into a game, and taking this approach will require attentiveness on the part of parents.

A new report takes a look at an app that aims to help parents in this regard.  That system is the Heads Up App put together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Basically, it illuminates some of the symptoms of a concussion, and for parents who become sure that their kids have sustained such an injury, it even offers directions on what to do to protect those kids.

Whenever a concussion is suspected to have occurred, a child should be pulled from competition at once.  They should not be allowed back into the game until they’ve gotten an evaluation from a doctor, and that evaluation should take place as soon as possible.

If a concussion is identified, then not only should the necessary physical recovery period take place, but a parent should work with a doctor to determine when the child should be allowed to get back to school work.  That’s because mental stress can exacerbate a concussion, and parents have to be careful about that type of damage.


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