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Cycling Doesn't Have To Be An Uphill Battle

If you’re a cyclist who is looking for a little bit more of a challenge, you might try finding a trail or a route that’s going to require you to head uphill most of the way.  While this might seem daunting, the good news is that making the exercise a roundtrip allows the way back to be a breeze.

A new article addresses those ways that an individual might enable themselves to more easily tackle intense hills that might prove too much for a lot of people.  By putting these moves into your repertoire, you may find that a hill that previously seemed impossible becomes within reach.

Your legs are probably going to feel the burn if you’re tackling a massive hill, but you should realize that not all of the pressure needs to be on your legs pushing forward.  Rather than only focus on the pushing motions that propels you uphill, pay attention to how your muscles move when you pull your legs back up.  

Instead of digging your hands into the handlebars, dragging them toward you while you pedal, ease up.  When you pull at the handlebars, you’re actually creating an opposing force to pedal against, making things more difficult for the journey.  Loosen your arms up to improve things in this regard.

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