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Dr. Bray Featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine

Since DISC has become a model in COVID-19 risk mitigation, Dr. Bray was asked by Outpatient Surgery Magazine to share his strategy. Dr. Bray wrote an article for the magazine where he outlined his three-step strategy for increasing business growth while protecting patients and staff from COVID-19.


The Three Step Strategy

As Dr. Bray wrote, it is imperative for medical businesses to maintain a safe facility during COVID-19. He explained that even though DISC's ASC has seen a 30% increase in volume since the beginning of the pandemic, the facility's strict COVID-19 protocol has remained vigilant. Here are his three steps for mastering your pandemic response:

  1. Create Protocols and Stick to Them: Dr. Bray explained how proper use of PPE, reduced contact, frequent COVID-19 testing, and upgraded air exchange systems composed DISC's successful COVID-19 strategy. Dr Bray went on, "Creating comprehensive testing and screening protocols is only one part of the equation, though. You have to adhere to the protocols — even at the expense of your practice."
  2. Support Your Staff: Dr. Bray wrote how a comfortable staff will put patients' nerves at ease. Honesty is key, as he explained: "If you're honest with your staff, if you tell them exactly what you're going to do to make the workplace safe, they'll give back that commitment a hundredfold."
  3. Tell Your Story: With the other tactics in place, Dr. Bray's final piece of advise is to spread word about how your facility is COVID-19-safe. He said, "Outpatient facilities can be a safe haven where patients still feel safe getting the care they need. We have to remind them that abandoning or delaying care because of the pandemic isn't the answer to the problems we're facing."

Read Dr. Bray's full article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine here.

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