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Exercise Promotes Healthy Physical and Mental Wellbeing Late In Life

Physical fitness can play a dramatic role in mental fitness.  If you’re sluggish in terms of how often you’re willing to move around and a break a sweat, then your mind could also grow sluggish.  On the other hand, if you’re willing to help you body out by conducting regular workouts and raising your heart rate at regular intervals, you should be able to help your mind stay sharp as you age.

A new article takes a look at how McMaster University and the Ontario Brain Institute are going to partner on a study that will attempt to delve into just how physical fitness aids mental health and wards off Alzheimer’s.  In conjunction with their announcement, the persons behind the study have come out with a few important tips that aging persons can put into action to stay fit and prevent Alzheimer’s.  The tips are worth sharing here.

One thing to remember is that even ten minutes of physical activity are worth your time.  If you can fit ten minutes into an otherwise busy day, or if that’s all you can accomplish in terms of ability at the outset, you’ll already be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  When you use that as a baseline, you can increase activity on other days and help yourself overcome physical challenges.

Think about this:  do you watch some kind of television program on a daily basis?  Get in the habit of ditching the DVR and instead standing up and stretching or simply walking around when the show goes to a commercial break.  In this way, you’re injecting activity into an activity known for its inactivity.

As you age, even walking when you have the time to do so becomes an important yet often overlooked aspect of healthy living.  Stroll around the neighborhood after meals, or pick up some kind of activity, like gardening, that’s going to require you to get some fitness in order to be accomplished.  Grandchildren can be another boon for good health; unleash an energetic toddler in the house and you should have no trouble staying active.

There may come a time when you feel that you can’t quite reach the apex of what you were doing before.  Maybe you’re having balance issues, or you legs have gotten excessively sore, or some other malady has befallen you.  At these moments, you have to get a little creative with how you exercise.  Invest in a cane that will allow you to walk without problems, and head out on a path that won’t pose fall or tripping hazards.  See what something like yoga has to offer, as that provides an opportunity that won’t unnecessarily tax your body.

There are far more ways to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, so follow the link above to learn more.


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