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Good Intentions Undermined By Simple Mistakes

Even those persons who have the best exercise intentions may be undermined by things they never even thought about.  You can’t just exercise; you have to exercise properly, and to do that, you should strive to minimize some of the mistakes highlighted in a new report.

One big thing to consider is what your body looks like when you strength train, go for a run, or do basically anything else.  When you’re running, your gait and your posture play critical roles in your ability to draw in air, but where form is really important is in weight lifting.  Rather than just going to the gym and feeling your way to proper form, we always advise working with a trainer for a session or two so that you can be sure you’re doing things correctly.  Otherwise, you can never be sure that your muscles are actually being aided.  You might be exacerbating an injury without even realizing it.

How hard you work could also be inhibiting your ability to do more with exercise.  While a person should be commended for pushing themselves hard during a workout, rest can actually be as important as the exercise itself.  After a day of intensive exercise, you want to give your body the opportunity to recuperate, to essentially soak in the intense circumstances you’ve put it through.

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