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Group Encourages Employers To Help Workers Improve Health

More and more people are working in offices, sitting in a chair for the vast majority of their workday.  This is problematic for overall health, as without an adequate amount of fitness to balance out that inactivity, a person will suffer.  Weight gain becomes a possibility, but you also have to worry about spinal issues and declining ability of the various muscles that compose your frame.

A group called the Vitality Institute has what it perceives as a solution, and their suggestion is explored in a new report from USA Today.  The article addresses the group’s finding that employers should take more of a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their workers.  In doing, not only could they help workers stay healthy, but the result of that health would be less money spent on healthcare and an overall improvement to the economy.

What’s more, by encouraging exercise and healthy eating at work through various programs and initiatives, productivity might also be improved.  Companies will benefit by having more adept workers, and they won’t have to pay for as many sick days and rises in health insurance costs.

If employers can become enthusiastic about this prospect, then employees won’t feel that all of the impetus for exercise is on them, something that often proves daunting to overcome.  For more information, follow the link above.


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