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The Hardest Part Of A Marathon? The Recovery

For many people, a marathon is the epitome of what they can accomplish through exercise.  There’s really no other activity in which you can simultaneously feel better than and worse than you’ve ever felt in your life.  But when you’ve crossed the finish line, the next portion of your journey begins:  recovery.

A new report from the San Francisco Gate highlights how people who run in the San Francisco marathon can go about implementing a recovery program, but, persons who have gone through really any kind of long distance race can benefit.  Rather than just let your body do what it may, you can put in practice some of the tips so that you don’t get burnt out or sustain an injury.

Don’t expect to just go out and run a couple miles the day after a race.  Your body has been through a lot, and you should listen to what it’s telling you.  Take a good week off from intense exercise before you get back into your workout habits.  And rather than just being completely inactive, think about getting a massage or submitting to an ice bath to jumpstart your recovery.

Exhaustion is common, so make sure you give into it and get more sleep than you’re used to.  Sleep is critical in the recovery phase.  So is drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet.

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