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Help Your Kids Transition To The Demands Of Fall Sports

If your kids are getting ready to head back to school, then you need to help them meet the demands of whatever fall sport they’re going to sign up for.  Oftentimes, your kids will be able to avoid injuries if you’re willing to help them out even before they start class.  To do that, you can think about exercising some of the tips available in a new article that has a particular emphasis on helping children who are moving on to more intensive high school sporting activities for the first time.

You can help your kids make an adjustment by starting them out with a light workout before they actually get back to school.  Some coaches actually front load practices with the most intense workouts at the beginning of the season, and children who have had a relatively sedentary summer are asked to go from zero to 60 instantly.  This can breed injuries.

Make the last couple of weeks prior to the start of class a little more active.  Get your kids up earlier than usual, when it’s cool, and take them to the gym or otherwise jog around the neighborhood.  Make the activity fun for them.  By getting them into the swing of exercise now, they’ll be able to more easily cope with the rigors of more intensive high school exercise.

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