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No Matter How You Work, There's A Way To Improve Back Health

No matter where you work, there could come a time where you’re forced to deal with back pain.  However, there are certain ways you can make small adjustments to your posture and to your activities as a whole in order to reduce pain and promote long term health.  A new report explains how, analyzing typical work situations and detailing how to limit injury exposure in each.

First, know what to do if you’re required to stand for an extended period of time, which can put pressure on your back.  One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to cease wearing shoes that contribute to pain.  Any type of high heel is a bad idea if you have to stand for a long while.  Instead, get yourself something that offers ankle and arch support.

When you’re standing, try to adjust your stance so that your legs aren’t ramrod straight.  Place one leg ever so slightly in front of the other and get some slack in your knees even as you hold your back upright.  If you get a break, make sure to stretch and take a walk so that you can limber up your body.

Of course, back pain is exacerbated if your standing at work is interspersed with moments of heavy lifting.  Some people get so comfortable in their jobs that they let proper technique fall by the wayside.  Don’t let that be you.

When you lift something heavy, you should be squatting so that you’re lifting with your legs rather than your back.  Even as your legs bend, your back needs to be kept straight.  Separate your feet from one another, bringing the object up as you straighten your legs.  Instead of holding it at arm’s length, bring the item as close to your chest as you can.  Then, when you’ve moved the object to its rightful place, reverse that motion to set it down.

Persons who drive commercially also have it tough.  If you’re going to be in the driver’s seat for long stretches of time, think about investing in seat cushions that offer far more support than does the typical automobile driver’s seat.  Minimize instances of fidgeting in your seat or reaching for something, as this can place additional strain on your back.  And if things are to the point where you’re driving eight to 12 hours in a day, make sure you stop off every couple hours to engage in stretches.

Finally, know what to do if you’re sitting in an office chair for your job.  Purchase a chair that offers the requisite support for your back and sit up straight when at your work station.

As you can see, numerous activities could contribute to the type of back pain that necessitates an operation.  To learn more about a surgical means of treating such pain, check out our spinal fusion video.


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