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Patient Story: DISC Relieves Pain for Mountain Biker Aaron Chase

Aaron Chase, professional mountain biker and Red Bull athlete, is known for his unique approach to riding. Chase has been declared a legend in mountain biking and is best known for winning the dual urban freeride grails of Red Bull Bike Battle and Red Bull District Rides. Aside from biking, Chase is a father of two children and spends his time in New Hampshire creating content, filming, and designing courses. 

In 2007, Aaron Chase was participating in a contest in England when he fell off of an elevated walkway, and injuring his back. Chase received surgery to place hardware in his back to fuse his spine back together. Unfortunately, the hardware used during that surgery caused Chase pain that lingered far beyond the procedure itself. 

Nearly seven years after his accident, Chase would do just about anything to relieve his pain. He reports feeling like a knife was being twisted into his back, and countless hot tub soaks and massages didn't relieve the pain. After suffering through years of chronic back pain, Chase sought the help of DISC Sports & Spine Center after learning of his friend Darren Berrecloth’s patient story. 

After an examination by Dr. Robert S. Bray Jr. at DISC Sports & Spine Center, it was determined that the rods that were causing Chase pain could be removed. Now that the segment was fused, minimally invasive surgery allowed for surrounding tissue not to be disturbed, which promoted a fast recovery. Dr. Bray and his team used this technique to remove the rods that were causing pain, and provide him with the mobility needed to get back to the life he wanted. 

Chase proclaims, “[My] pain was gone. It’s such a cleaner path that I’m on now.” He is excited to get back home to the life he enjoys. “Biking is a part of me,'' says Chase “and it's something I’d miss so much if it wasn’t in my life.” 

Watch his full story below to learn about how DISC Sports & Spine Center has returned Chase to the life he loves and hear what he’s chosen to do with that difficult hardware Dr. Bray removed from his back. 

Whether you are an athlete living a life filled with difficult trials and Red Bull competitions like Chase, an actress wanting to return to the big screen, or even a dad wanting to be able to play with his children, DISC understands that pain can interrupt the life you love. Get back to a lifestyle you enjoy with the help of our team.

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