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Patient Story: Hollywood Prop Master Gregg Bilson

For Hollywood Prop Master Gregg Bilson, experiencing pain wasn’t an option. As CEO and president of one of the largest prop houses in the world, physical activities are a large part of his everyday life. Since 1977, Independent Studio Services has served the film industry by making props of all kinds. During their busy season, ISS provides 60-70 percent of the props for all films across the world. For 55-year-old Gregg, his pain wasn’t just a nuisance; it affected his ability to do any part of his job with a physical component. Gregg had to sit on a particular couch and rest his arm in a certain position to get any sort of relief. 

Deciding on Artificial Discectomy Surgery

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With ties to the film and television industry, Gregg had a friend whom he trusted to recommend a facility specializing in this type of pain to help him out. Ironically, his friend is a tech advisor for the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. When Gregg arrived at DISC Sports & Spine Center, Dr. Grant Shifflett advised Gregg of his options, and together they decided the best course of action. Bilson shares how he felt about the surgery: “If you’re not nervous, you’re insane, but I had a very good team [there].”

As a well-traveled individual, Gregg recalls how impressed he was with the facility, and how the staff at the center made him feel at ease instantly. Learn more about his experience in the video below:

How Artificial Discectomy Helped Gregg Bilson

5_Long Cut Color Corrected.00_03_14_15.Still007Gregg recalls the instant relief from his pain following his artificial discectomy surgery at DISC. As a prop master, he’s thrilled to get back to the life he loves, running the ISS team to continue the great work they do in the film industry. “My golf game has never been better,'' laughs Bilson. With his ability to live a life free of pain, he talks of how his teammates at work have truly seen results, and he’s happy to be truly able to focus on his work. 

Whether you’re a prop master, an actress, a dad, or an athlete, it is important to DISC Sports & Spine Center that you live a life free of pain, doing what you love. For more information about how we can help, request a consultation with us today. 

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