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Pregnant Running Is Possible With The Right Plan

For a female whose preferred exercise for most of her life has been running, it can be a little bit frustrating for her to figure out how to continue to engage in such a workout once she becomes pregnant.  However, if you speak with a doctor and run with certain guidelines in mind, it should still be possible to jog in many cases.  

A new report from New York Daily News offers some insights on this very activity in a new report.  Always remember, though, that these are guidelines, and to be truly sure of what the right plan will be for you, you must speak with a doctor who has experience in this area.

The least drastic changes to running and exercise habits will occur early in the pregnancy.  At this stage, you can run similar to how you always have, making sure that you call it a day before you become exhausted.  Make special note of the temperature, and always give yourself plenty of time to rest between runs.

Once you’ve entered your second trimester, additional precautions may need to be taken, but to figure out your precise plan of action, you should speak with a doctor.  He or she may advise you on when it’s time to start taking things easier or what other exercises might be put in place of running once you get to a certain point of the pregnancy.

For more tips, including getting back into jogging once you’ve had the baby, click the link up top.


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