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Research Illustrates Need For Tempered Approach To Running

An article out of Texas highlights new research from Denmark that might provide some insights into the best way to embark upon a running exercise regimen.  What that research found, as related in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, is that persons who are overweight may be more injury-prone than others when they start to run.

The tipping point seemed to be a Body Mass Index higher than 30.  Injuries were reportedly far more common among that demographic, and the chances of such an injury grew even larger when persons in that category attempted to increase their first week distance to above a couple miles.

Persons who are intent on running in order to lose weight must keep these details in mind, as it could inform your future plans.  Rather than figuring that a lengthy run will be the key to losing weight, you might start light at the outset, supplementing a workout with a healthy diet.

Nothing says you have to push yourself past what would be reasonable on your first workout.  Try a light jog for a half mile before combining that with a strength training exercise.  Once you’ve had some time to grow accustomed to the new normal is when you can then begin to up the ante in terms of your workout.


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