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Sneaky Ways To Get Your Body Ready For Exercise

Yesterday, we outlined the inherent difficulties of working out when time is at a premium.  But while that article focused on how people who work out on the weekends can free up time, a recent report takes a look at what can be done to bolster one’s chances of working out any day of the week.  Sticking to a near-daily exercise regimen is important, and there are ways to ensure you’re sticking to the proper schedule.  In doing, you reduce the risk of injury and help yourself get the exercise you need to stay healthy.

The author says that there’s nothing wrong with taking a social approach to working out.  Whether it’s a physical trainer or simply a friend whom you can exercise with, having someone around to offer encouragement (and yes, perhaps even make you feel guilty if you start to skip out on workouts) is a great idea.  Having someone to work out with provides you with a spotter, a voice of reason if you’re doing something wrong that could exacerbate an injury risk, and a cheerleader.

It’s also pointed out that the summer is a great time to work out due to the longer daylight hours afforded.  Some people may not be eager to get outside when it’s dark.  But when the sun rises earlier and sets later, you can exercise safe in the knowledge that you’ll be more visible and able to see potential hazards.

You can get more out of your exercise, and prevent the fatigue that can cause you to take an extended break, if you’re willing to switch up what kinds of activities you take part in.  If you’re a runner, the repeated pounding of the pavement could wreak havoc on your feet and legs over time.  Why not go for a swim every once in awhile?  Or, engage in a workout that hinges largely on stretching.

The latter kind of workout is also important on those days when you’re just not feeling up to running.  Understand that such feelings are okay; you don’t need to turn yourself off of exercise entirely just by pushing too far too soon.  When you’re not up to it, lower the intensity of your workout so that you save yourself for the next day, when you might be in a better mood to get your pulse rate up.

In fact, make stretching an important part of every workout.  Stretch before, stretch after, and stretch for longer periods of time if you’re not going to engage in a tough workout that day.


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