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Stand Up Against Sitting

A large swath of society probably spends more time with their chairs than they do their friends and loved ones.  After waking up, we drive to work, then we sit in an office for upwards of eight hours per day, then we drive home, then we sit at the dinner table, and then we sit on a recliner before we go back to bed.

That’s a lot of sitting, and if you want your health to be the best that it can be, you have to take certain steps, literally as well as figuratively.  A new article offers some hints on how an individual can get up and out of their chair at regular intervals throughout the day, and if you feel that you’re spending too much time in a sitting position, you’ll want to keep this information in mind.

Let’s start with your commute.  Is there a way that you might add in a little flexibility in your route?  For instance, if you’re used to driving to work, it might be possible to alternate driving with biking every other day.  Biking, while still technically a form of sitting, is a great way to get some fitness when you’d otherwise be stuck in an immobile position.  And if you live really close to work, you might be able to walk there.

The article linked to above also has a great piece of advice for those individuals who take the bus to work.  Although you’re probably in the habit of heading to the stop that’s closest to your residence, realize that there are likely to be many stops along the route.  Head out a little early so that you can walk not to the closest stop but to the stop that’s a little bit further on and closer to your work.  In this way, you get your feet moving instead of sitting the entire time.

Once you actually get to your job, the job of avoiding prolonged bouts of sitting truly begins.  If you’ve driven in, then think about parking as far from the front door as you can.  Yet again, this is a way to get your feet moving rather than moving your car.  Plus, when you get done for the day, you get to make that same walk.

Your workday itself probably offers untapped opportunities to get moving.  Rather than just camp out in front of a computer monitor all day long, take a few breaks to walk around the office park.  At lunch and on regulated breaks, rather than sit in the same chair or move to another chair, get walking during those times too.

For more tips, follow the link above.


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