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Stay Within Your Capabilities To Escape A Serious Injury

You always want to exercise with safety in mind.  If you attempt a move that you’re not comfortable with, or if you push yourself past the point of exhaustion, there could be adverse consequences for your health, and you want to avoid these at all costs.  A new report takes a look at some of the ways that an individual can protect themselves from harm during exercise, and you’ll want to remember these in the future.

Realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a rookie when it comes to a workout.  When you go to a gym for the first time in a long time, it’s easy to look around at everyone, see people seemingly engaged in high intensity exercises, and want to engage in the same activities.

Unfortunately, trying to keep up with people around you who have been doing this for years is a one-way ticket to an injury.  The only goals you should try to meet are those that you set for yourself.  Everyone around you started at square one at some point, and they’re not looking at you wondering why you can’t keep pace with them. 

Do what you’re comfortable with at the start, and then increase the intensity over the course of weeks and months.  In this way, you won’t hurt yourself pulling a weight or running a distance that lies outside your capabilities early on.


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