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Study Highlights Need For Injury Reduction In Youth Lacrosse

New research has come out highlighting a disturbing increase in the number of youth lacrosse injuries taking place across the country.

The study, which hails from the Colorado School of Public Health and is featured in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, analyzed the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance System to deduce that the timeframe between 2008 and 2012 saw 1,400 injuries taking place in relation to the sport.  Two thirds of those injuries were made up of male athletes.  Injuries consisted of things like concussions, strains, and sprains resulting from contact with other players, mistimed pivots, or contact with the ball.

A series of tips on avoiding injuries were also timed to the release.  In order to avoid a concussion, helmets could be made mandatory in all forms of lacrosse, and parents and coaching staff alike should learn to deduce when a participant may have suffered that dangerous injury.

It’s also important that the game not get overly physical while it’s being played.  A player should be instructed to stick to all applicable rules so that they and the kids they play with aren’t going to be hurt.  To further reduce the risk of an injury, shoes and other equipment should be of the proper size so that the threat of a sprain can be further reduced.


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