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Taking A Balanced Approach To Working Out

A relatively recent article points out that many males don’t work out in the correct manner.  They may put too much emphasis on one area or type of exercise and spend little time acquiring balance across their entire bodies.  If you feel that you could get more out of your workout regimen, then you might consider some of the advice on hand from that report.

Working out is all about balance.  You want the type of physique that limits your exposure to injury.  Unfortunately, many people come at exercise as but a means to look good.  Although there’s nothing wrong with feeling great about your body, you shouldn’t be working out only those areas that are going to be seen.  For instance, many men might work out their arms yet neglect their legs, back, or stomachs.

This type of routine could end up wreaking havoc.  If you speak with a personal trainer, he or she is likely going to put you on a full body workout routine.  In fact, one of the best ways to avoid some typical mistakes at the gym is to speak with a trainer.

A trainer, for instance, would never advise that you jump right into exercise without properly warming up.  If you’re not taking a good 15 minutes to stretch and another short amount of time to get your blood flowing with something like a light jog, you’re not adequately preparing your body for what’s to come.  Imagine that your body is a roller-coaster; you need that steep incline to build anticipation and get your system ready for the twists and turns to come.

Balance is also achieved by not focusing exclusively on weights.  When people want to improve their physique quickly, they tend to hit the weights.  Weight training is fine, but it has to come with something that gets you breathing hard.  Cardio exercises in conjunction with light weight training allow your body the opportunity to receive benefits in equal amounts rather than one section getting more attention than others.

The operative term in “light weight training” is the word “light.”  Lifting more than you can handle isn’t some shortcut to a better physique.  Quite to the contrary, your body will derive much less from a heavy weight lifting regimen than it will from lifting light weights at greater repetition.  When you lift more than you’re supposed to, your’e asking a lot of your body, potentially subjecting yourself to strains and tears and general exhaustion.

Things like bench presses and other types of machines are acceptable at low doses, but go beyond that and you face side effects.  Think of your trainer as prescribing you a workout medication; a little bit can improve your health, but overdosing could leave you in worse shape than you were before.


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