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How To Use Exercise To Produce Visible Results

There’s nothing more frustrating for someone who exercises than to be heavily invested in a workout for weeks or months at a time and not see the results they thought they would achieve.  Many times, this has less to do with the stubbornness of their bodies as it does with shortcoming in the workout that prevent optimum exercise and results.

A new article in Parade highlights how people that have been striving but failing to achieve a six pack can change things up to finally make that goal reachable, and you should keep this in mind for any goals that seem out of reach.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, part of the problem might be that you’re conducting too much of the exercise in question.  Your body actually benefits when a day of rest occurs after a day of intense exercise.  Don’t press yourself too hard to engage in any one maneuver; this is a good way to get injured and stop any progress you’ve made.

That leads to another point, which is that you should be willing to switch things up as necessary.  Many people trying to get their “beach body” will work one set of muscles but leave other less visible muscles completely ignored.  Strive for balance throughout your body to prevent injuries related to overuse and underuse. Your body has an easier time adjusting if it’s getting a workout throughout every aspect of your frame.

Finally, realize that strength training should be used to supplement cardio.  Running is great, but you can improve your stride and form if you use weights to build those muscles you use.


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