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Wrestling With Good Health

One activity that we haven’t spent a lot of time covering on this blog is wrestling.  Let’s change that today.  A new article in the Wall Street Journal offers some insights into the types of exercises that wrestlers might be able to engage in in order to improve their abilities, and even if you’re not concerned about wrestling, the fitness tips available would still be able to improve your workout.  The insights hail from the Wisconsin Regional Training Center’s director.

Some of the best workout moves are those that allow a number of different muscles to get in on the action all at once.  The link above encourages a rowing machine because of the benefits it provides.  Not only are you able to improve definition throughout your arms thanks to the motions required of you, but the posture necessary can develop your core and the placement of your legs will allow your thighs to benefit as well.

Even if you don’t have access to such a machine or even to a gym, that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck.  Planking can, for instance, offer myriad benefits.  Engaging in such a maneuver is essentially like conducting a pushup but holding yourself off the ground instead of bringing yourself up and down a number of times.  While you’re off the ground, make sure to tighten all muscles, particularly the core, and only bring yourself back down after a good minute has gone by.  If that proves difficult, give 30 seconds a shot.


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