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Grant D. Shifflett, MD

Grant D. Shifflett, MD

Dr. Grant D. Shifflett is a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon. Handpicked by Dr. Robert S. Bray Jr. to join DISC Sports & Spine Center, Dr. Shifflett specializes in the application of minimally invasive and microsurgical techniques to the entire spectrum of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal conditions, from the simple to the most complex. Whether treating a patient with chronic pain or an acute injury, his ultimate goal is to restore function and quality of life with minimal tissue disruption.

Recent Posts


What to Expect During Your Virtual Consultation

DISC is continuing to improve and expand its telemedicine offerings. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, DISC rapidly grew its Virtual Consultation service in March earlier this year. Beyond mitigating...


When Is Neck Surgery Necessary?

Let’s clear up a common misconception: When you make an appointment with a spine surgeon to address your neck pain, it doesn’t mean that neck surgery is definitely in your future. In fact, at DISC...


What Is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

Does your back pain constantly keep you down? If so, you’re definitely not alone—back pain is extremely common and can occur for a myriad of reasons. One of the most common causes of back pain is a...


How Much Does Spine Surgery Cost? Factors to Consider When Evaluating an In-Network Doctor.

After discussing surgical options, our patients at DISC Sports & Spine Center frequently have a common question: “How much is spine surgery going to cost?” And it is understandable—they want to feel...


The Importance of Early Mobilization After Spine Surgery

Would you be surprised if your surgeon told you that you’d be out of bed and walking shortly after your spine surgery—usually within hours? Many people still anticipate the “older school” of thought...


Best Ways to Treat Facet Joint Syndrome, an Arthritis-like Condition

Have you been experiencing intermittent flares of back or neck pain? Does your neck stiffen up, making it impossible to turn your head? Do you feel pain when you lean backward but lessens when you...

Herniated Discs

The Simple Facts of Herniated Discs and Treatment Options

Have you heard of the term “herniated disc” but never really understood what that means? Or do you suspect you may have a herniated disc but are putting off seeing a doctor because you don’t want to...


Meet The Doctor Series: Meet Dr. Shifflett

Dr. Grant Shifflett’s patients know they are in expert hands when they are under his care. As an orthopedic spine surgeon specializing in minimally invasive and microscopic surgery, Dr. Shifflett has...

Herniated Discs

Understanding a Lumbar Disc Herniation and Steps to Recovery

Herniated discs are quite common, especially in the lumbar spine (lower back). When patients with herniated discs come to see me, they are often in quite a bit of pain and anxious to start feeling...

Cervical Discs

When Should I See a Doctor About Lumbar Back Pain?

With lumbar back pain being so prevalent, it’s a dilemma you are likely to face—should you go see a doctor for the pain, or should you wait it out at home? Most cases of back pain will resolve with...

Lumbar Spine

Does Having Lumbar Back Pain Mean That I Need Surgery?

Some people live with lumbar back pain for years, worried that a visit to a specialist will ultimately lead to surgery. But as a spine surgeon, I have some good news … Most of the time, surgery isn’t...

Patient Education

Understanding Cervical Laminoplasty

Your spinal cord and spinal nerves are responsible for “communicating” messages between your brain and the rest of your body. Your spinal cord runs through and is protected by small bones called...