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Patient Education

Mount Sinai Announcement

We are so excited to tell you that the Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance at the Mount Sinai Health System has become one of the official medical services providers for U.S. Red...

Herniated Discs

Can a Herniated Disc Heal on its Own?

We know certain spine conditions can develop as we age because of wear and tear over time. However, in my practice as a spine surgeon, I see a lot of young and active individuals who have...

Patient Education

Understanding the Basics of ALIF

Spine surgery isn’t one-size-fits-all. When my patients come in to discuss surgery, it’s important to develop an individualized approach and tailor their treatment to what’s best for their...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Jimmy Spithill

When Jimmy Spithill, Australian sailor, tore a tendon in his elbow in a freak accident during training, he knew he was out of the race. It was, in his words, “really disappointing.”

Patient Education

What is Microdiscectomy?

by: Richard Kim, MD

As a physician who specializes in microdiscectomies, I see a number of patients who experience back and leg pain as the result of a herniated disc in their spine. Sometimes,...

Patient Education

MRSA Infection and Surgery—What Can Be Done to Prevent It?

Bacteria can be found everywhere. You even have bacteria living on your body, from inside your nostrils to the surface of your skin. Generally, this doesn’t cause any problems. However, any time...

Patient Education

6 Things to Know About Surgical Site Infection

Any discussion with your doctor regarding surgery should include an explanation of the risks and benefits of the procedure. One risk that’s always present with any type of surgery is the risk of...

Patient Education

Patient Story: Ballerina Back on her Toes

Professional ballet dancers like Susan are familiar with injury and pain. “Dancers are crazy—we experience pain differently,” she says. So when her shoulder started to hurt and she had pins and...

Patient Education

6 Things to Do Before You See a Spine Surgeon

Have you decided you’re tired of living with your chronic neck or back pain and are ready to enlist the help of a spine surgeon? Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step toward feeling...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Brock Crouch

He was buried under seven feet of snow for about 5-6 minutes. He survived the avalanche--but his lower back was broken. “The doctor was like, ‘yeah, usually people die in an avalanche after two...

Patient Education

Can ACDF Relieve Your Chronic Neck Pain?

When you are suffering from chronic neck pain, you are probably acutely aware of it most moments of your day. Whether you feel pain with every turn of your head or experience numbness and weakness...

Patient Education

Understanding Cervical Laminoplasty

Your spinal cord and spinal nerves are responsible for “communicating” messages between your brain and the rest of your body. Your spinal cord runs through and is protected by small bones called...