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When is Time to Have Surgery for Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a condition I encounter frequently in my practice as a spine surgeon. I sometimes see patients who have recently developed symptoms, such as leg pain while walking, and are...

Patient Education

Is Cervical Spinal Stenosis Causing my Chronic Back Pain?

At DISC Sports and Spine Center, we recognize that determining the source of your back pain is essential to starting the right treatment plan. But with so many possible causes, you may not be sure...

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The Top FAQs Answered About Spine Care


According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, approximately 80 percent of adults will experience lower back pain during the course of their lives. Back pain is also a...

Herniated Discs

Understanding a Lumbar Disc Herniation and Steps to Recovery

Herniated discs are quite common, especially in the lumbar spine (lower back). When patients with herniated discs come to see me, they are often in quite a bit of pain and anxious to start feeling...

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Meet the Doctor Series: Dr. Richard Kim

You may know Dr. Richard Kim as a neurosurgeon and spine specialist at DISC Sports & Spine Center. But at DISC, our doctors go beyond just their titles. Did you know, for example, that Dr. Kim...

Patient Education

The Facts on Surgical Site Infections After Spine Surgery

The field of medicine is always evolving. Research is continuously underway to teach us not only how to treat different medical conditions, but how to do so safely and effectively. Here at DISC...

Lumbar Spine

When Is Lumbar Fusion Necessary?

When talking to my patients, I’ve found that there is often concern about the prospect of having lumbar fusion surgery. Although I always encourage them to carefully consider their surgical options

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What Is XLIF and Is It Right for Me?

Advances in spinal fusion surgery have made a tremendous difference in the way I’m able to treat my patients. When I have a patient who would benefit from a spinal fusion in their lower back, I...

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Listen to a Podcast Featuring Dr. Bray

“Imagine going into the doctor in the morning to check in for spine surgery, and then going home that night and sleeping in your own bed. It seems totally unfathomable to have a serious spine...

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What Does it Mean to be Over 7 Feet Tall in the NBA - Hear from Dr. Bray

What is it like being an athlete over 7 feet tall? According to David Gardner of Bleacher Report, it is both a blessing and a curse. In Gardner’s recent article on how the demand for extremely...

Cervical Discs

When Should I See a Doctor About Lumbar Back Pain?

With lumbar back pain being so prevalent, it’s a dilemma you are likely to face—should you go see a doctor for the pain, or should you wait it out at home? Most cases of back pain will resolve...

Lumbar Spine

Does Having Lumbar Back Pain Mean That I Need Surgery?

Some people live with lumbar back pain for years, worried that a visit to a specialist will ultimately lead to surgery. But as a spine surgeon, I have some good news … Most of the time, surgery...