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Lumbar Microdiscectomy & Treatment of Sciatica

This blog was updated on May 13, 2019.

Sciatica Treatment Options

Lumbar microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to alleviate pain in the buttocks or leg, commonly known as...

Patient Education

Making Sure Your Kid's Backpack Doesn't Create Back Problems

It’s never too early to encourage future back health, and with the school year about to start around the country, there’s no better time than now than to focus on the importance of purchasing the...

Patient Education

Sneaky Ways To Get Your Body Ready For Exercise

Yesterday, we outlined the inherent difficulties of working out when time is at a premium.  But while that article focused on how people who work out on the weekends can free up time, a recent report...

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Weekend Workouts Shouldn't Be Your Only Exercise

It can be difficult to get in a mindset where you’re going to be working out every single day or at least every other day.  We understand that you have a full time job, a family to take care of, and...

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Foam Rolling Could Help Reduce Muscle Pain

One way that persons can improve their recovery rate is to indulge in exercises involving a foam roller.  A foam roller is basically a long, tubular piece of foam that a person can place underneath...

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Improve The Way You Swim To Get More Out Of Your Exercise

Many people who embark on an exercise regimen might look to jogging and weight equipment, but such exercise isn’t for everyone.  Running can be too high-impact for some due to the repeated pushing...

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Easy Changes To Your Stance That Can Limit Back Pain

Earlier this week, we related some of the ways that a poor posture can be diagnosed and hopefully improved.  But diagnosing how you sit or stand doesn’t actually solve the problem so much as it lets...

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Safe Kids Research Shows Increase In Youth Sports Injuries

New research from the Safe Kids Worldwide organization outlines the risks that student athletes face when they compete.  By looking at emergency room data from 2011, researchers were able to...

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Understanding And Preventing Carpal Tunnel Injuries

When it comes to health, many of our best efforts can be undone due to the nature of our jobs.  Many people sit at their desks for upwards of eight hours a day, and that kind of inactivity can take...

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Straighten Your Spine To Ensure Long-Term Health

One of the easier ways you can promote back health is by taking the time to verify that your posture is as straight as it should be.  For some, this is more difficult than it is for others and takes...

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Footwear Plays An Important Role In Injury Prevention

People will look to a number of culprits when it comes to pinpointing the source of foot pain.  Some might blame an exercise regime or the lack thereof or even wonder if their gait leaves their feet...

Patient Education

Keeping Muscle Soreness At Bay After Running

No matter what level of athlete you are, your muscles are going to get sore at some point after running.  Should you just be starting out, your muscles could be screaming after your first run down...