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Patient Stories

Patient Story: Hollywood Prop Master Gregg Bilson

For Hollywood Prop Master Gregg Bilson, experiencing pain wasn’t an option. As CEO and president of one of the largest prop houses in the world, physical activities are a large part of his...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Coco Zurita Receives Meniscus Surgery after X Games Stunt Injury

For professional Red Bull athlete Coco Zurita, high-flying stunts in the saddle of his bike are a part of his everyday routine. Pushing the limits in riding has made this BMX athlete one of the...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: DISC Relieves Pain for Mountain Biker Aaron Chase

Aaron Chase, professional mountain biker and Red Bull athlete, is known for his unique approach to riding. Chase has been declared a legend in mountain biking and is best known for winning the...

Patient Stories

Degenerative Disc Disease: One Patient’s Story

When Scott realized that it hurt to put his daughter on his shoulders, and everyday tasks like going to work started to get challenging due to weakness in his arms, he went to the physicians at...


Patient Story: Ruby Rose Visits DISC for Two Herniated Discs

Ruby Rose, popular actress and model best known for her roles in Orange is the New Black and Pitch Perfect 3, doesn’t stay still for long. Recently, she’s been working on filming Batwoman, a...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Jimmy Spithill

When Jimmy Spithill, Australian sailor, tore a tendon in his elbow in a freak accident during training, he knew he was out of the race. It was, in his words, “really disappointing.”

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Brock Crouch

He was buried under seven feet of snow for about 5-6 minutes. He survived the avalanche--but his lower back was broken. “The doctor was like, ‘yeah, usually people die in an avalanche after two...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Britta Llewellyn

Athletes like Britta Llewellyn keep their bodies strong throughout their careers, knowing that injuries and other wear and tear are risks that come with being a professional. As a professional...

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey shouldn’t even have been driving, let alone winning the TV show Dancing with the Stars. When Jennifer arrived at the offices of Dr. Robert Bray, she was suffering from such severe...

Patient Stories

Bodybuilder Rachel McLish on the Cover of Ironman Magazine

Bodybuilder Rachel McLish was featured as the cover story for the October 2013 issue of Ironman magazine.  Back in January 2009, McLish had surgery at DISC Sports & Spine Center after dealing with...